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Agarwood Seedlings-Saplings

Agarwood Seedlings-Saplings

Seedlings of Agarwood grow about 10 cms – 15 cms is available to supply.

(Also can supply higher sizes as 30-40 cm, 40-50cm, 50-60cm, 60-70cm, 80-90cm, 100-110cm and 120- 130cm, 180cm please contact



Available in 3 species (Varieties) 

1. Aquilaria Subintegra (Cambodian Type)

2. Aquilaria Crassna

3. Aquilaria Malaccensis

Getting more discounted with more quantity. Please click on the bigger item first!

agarwood gaharu plant seedlings saplings agarwood gaharu nursery

Same Day Delivery

  • Deliver by Air Freight, so you will receive within 24 hours.
  • This will include all documents readiness for your importing.
    • CITES
    • Phytosanitary Certificate
    • C/O (Certificates of Origin)
    • Airway Bill
    • Invoice and Packing List
  • Properly pack and remove the soil.
  • Wrap with cocopeat on the root to maintain the moisture and survival during transportation.
  • Price above is FOB.
  • Price is excluding all documents above and/or Insurance from shipping company.

Will quote the exact price of total cost before delivery.

Please also check whether you need to apply an Import Permit to enter into your country.

Please consult with us by email at

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Agarwood Seedlings 8000unit
Product ID : SDLS8000UN Brand :  AgarHarvest Detail :  Seedlings of Agarwood ..
Ex Tax: $3,050.00
Agarwood Seedlings 3000unit
Product ID : SDLS3000UN Brand :  AgarHarvest Detail :  Seedlings of Agarwood ..
Ex Tax: $1,250.00
Agarwood Seedlings 1000unit
Product ID : SDLS1000UN Brand :  AgarHarvest Detail :  Seedlings of Agarwood ..
Ex Tax: $500.00
Agarwood Seedlings 15000unit
Product ID : SDLS015000UN Brand :  AgarHarvest Detail :  Seedlings of Agarwoo..
Ex Tax: $5,250.00