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department of industry promotiondepartment of international trade promotionJet Torch Lighter Gasoline 1 PCS.Jet Torch Lighter Gasoline 1 PCS.


Jet Torch Lighter Gasoline 6 PCS.Jet Torch Lighter Gasoline 6 PCS.

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      Thank you for your prompt communication.
    I would like to thank you for the care and professional dealing with the order.
    I like the oil and the chips the most. I'm happy to have this business 
with you.
    I hope to make more orders in the future. Have a good business; and take care!  Abdulaziz, Saudi Arabia

      Thank you and it's been good doing Business with you.  Hisham, USA

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Why buy from us




Product Line  Various types of product support to the needs and usages   Only Chips / Oil 
Quality Grade   Clearly identify grade
 Grade level:-    [5A, 4A, 3A, 2A, 1A]  
 Do not know the exact  grade 
Resin Content   Rich resin content
 100% Real & Genuine, No chemicals
100% Real & Genuine, No chemicals
 Resin derived  from our own    
   bio technology  
 Not sure
 May add some colors or chemicals  
Smell   Great scented and Long-Lasting
 100% real Agarwood smell  
 May be too strong or too weak,
  or not feel  Agarwood scent
 May add some additives to 
  stimulate the smell  
Price   Reasonable and Affordable price
 Direct from the manufacturer,
  not pass the middleman  

 Too High (May be a trader mark up price.
 Too Low (May be not a genuine one)  

Packaging   Luxurious & Convenience packaging
 Ready pack for Personal use or
 Proud to send as a Gift / Premium  
 Some has a nice packaging with
   high price  additional, but some
   has nothing 
Guarantee   Quality proven certificates from
  Government & Public sectors
 100 % Money Back Guarantee 
   for unsatisfied items (According to
   company rules) 
 No Guarantee or After service 
Selling /Exporting Legitimacy    Free of charge! Apply & Issue
  CITES Certificate
  Phytosanitary Certificate  
 Most of sellers do not  provided 
Buying Process   Easy & Convenience
 Select from the shopping cart  
 Some may have, some may not
   have the shopping cart 
Security   Confident buying with SSL Certificate
 Safety, Secure and Proper packing  
 Not sure 
Delivery   Air Courier 
 -  Thailand Post
   (EMS or Normal)
 Sea Freight
 Online Shipment  Tracking  
Bulk Volume   Available with discounted
 Send as one shipment or
  continuous shipment  
 May or May not have 
OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)    Available for your own brand
 Drop shipping also available  
 Not sure 
Agents / Resellers   Available for potential partners
 Special project is also welcome  
 Not sure