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      Thank you for your prompt communication.
    I would like to thank you for the care and professional dealing with the order.
    I like the oil and the chips the most. I'm happy to have this business 
with you.
    I hope to make more orders in the future. Have a good business; and take care!  Abdulaziz, Saudi Arabia

      Thank you and it's been good doing Business with you.  Hisham, USA

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Agarwood Beads (20) Bracelet [Various Size] 10unit
Product ID : BRCL20BD010UN Brand :  AgarHarvest Detail :  From part of Agarwo..
Ex Tax: $80.00
Agarwood Powder (5A grade) 12gm
Product ID : PWD5A0012GM Brand :  AgarHarvest Detail :  High resin ..
Ex Tax: $45.00
Agarwood Chunk (5A Grade) 60gm
Product ID : CHK5A0060GM Brand :  AgarHarvest Detail : High resin content and best..
Ex Tax: $190.00
Agarwood Distilled Water 50Liter
Product ID : DW050LTR Brand :  AgarHarvest Detail :  Pure Distilled Wate..
Ex Tax: $270.00
Agarwood Beads (20) Bracelet [Various Size] 5unit
Product ID : BRCL20BDB005UN Brand :  AgarHarvest Detail :  From part of Agarw..
Ex Tax: $45.00
Promotion All The Best Set
  Product ID : - Brand :  AgarHarvest Detail :  Promotion ..
$650.00 $589.00
Ex Tax: $589.00
Agarwood Incense Cone (Post Oil Distillation) 75g.
Product ID : INCCNPost75gm Brand :  AgarHarvest Detail :  High resin con..
Ex Tax: $10.00
Agarwood Chips (5A Grade) 1000gm
Product ID : CHP5A1000GM Brand :  AgarHarvest Detail : High resin cont..
Ex Tax: $2,995.00
Agarwood oil (2A Grade) 60cc
Product ID : OIL2A0060CC Brand :  AgarHarvest Detail :  Rich, Thick and Dark ..
Ex Tax: $1,700.00
Agarwood Distillation Pot 1 Unit
Product ID : DP001UN Brand :  AgarHarvest Detail :  Agarwood Distillatio..
Ex Tax: $2,975.00